Regional Issues

In recent times, water use in the Middle East has increased dramatically due to population increases, desert greening policies and economic growth. There is now frequently either too much water or too little, and solutions to address this are in increasingly high demand.

At Polypipe, we counter these issues through a range of innovative products and systems that directly address the problems at hand. As a regional expert, we not only understand the elements driving increased water consumption but also the need to capture, control and re-use it.

We recognise that different areas and cities have varying capabilities and requirements, so are well-versed in regional legislation and compliance such as Green Building Codes, GSAS, Estidama and LEED. We liaise with all levels of government over the latest technologies and have good working relationships with local Water Councils, all of which positions us to offer the highest standards of service to Middle Eastern customers.

Our solutions and expertise can help with:

  • Water Sensitive Urban Design

    Water sensitive urban design (WSUD) is an accepted concept that treats stormwater as a precious commodity as opposed to a nuiscance or liability. In a desert environment considered water-scarce, every drop of water counts.

  • Source Control

    Polypipe’s Polystorm and Permavoid systems can help manage extreme storm events through source control.

  • Limited Drainage Networks

    Many drainage systems are proving inadequate or beginning to fail, and now increasing population and rapid urbanisation is placing ever greater pressure on them.

  • Flood Mitigation

    Flooding caused by stormwater is an increasing problem as urbanisation spreads. No longer can this be treated in the traditional way - quick removal, regardless of environmental impact.

  • Legislation

    Working with water management legislation like Estidama, GSAS/QSAS and the Dubai Green Building Regulations.

  • Water Table

    High water tables occur frequently throughout the region, either because of prevailing geological conditions or because the land has been reclaimed from the sea.

  • Polypipe Training

    Training and support are key aspects of Polypipe service in the Gulf and throughout the world. We work closely with contractors, installers, consultants and municipalities to help everyone make the most of our innovative solutions.

  • Uniquely British

    Polypipe is Britain’s largest manufacturer of high quality plastic piping systems and pioneers in the Middle Eastern market.

  • Middle East

    Urban development is growing rapidly in the Middle East region, creating a huge appetite for water and increasing demand for innovative, integrated water management solutions.

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