Polysewer is a range of PVC-u structured wall pipes and pipe fittings for use in gravity sewers. Providing durable, chemical and sewer gas resistant pipes for new and replacement gravity sewerage pipe systems, the range gives design engineers the widest possible product choice for the best possible below ground sewer pipe solution.


With diameters from 150 to 300mm, Polysewer is a versatile product. Highly durable and resistant to abrasion, chemical attack, sulphates and corrosive sewer gases, its is both strong and flexible enough to resist both settlement and ground loads, providing outstanding leak tightness and joint integrity. The range also includes a complete system of couplings, seals, bends, junctions and specialist fabrications.

Key Benefits

  • Low weight for reduced health and safety risk
  • Durable, long life PVCu
  • Structured wall pipe for high ring stiffness and strength
  • Longer lengths and integral sockets for better installation and leak tightness
  • Withstands ground movement and differential settlement
  • Chemical, impact and abrasion resistant

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