Durable, reliable and long-lasting, Ridgistorm-XL is one of the most adaptable large diameter underground drainage piping solutions in the Middle East. Even considering its huge size, Ridgistorm-XL is much lighter than concrete equivalents. The pipe's structured wall design makes it durable and reliable, and this relative lighter weight makes for a speedy installation. It can also be cut and welded into complex shapes so an engineered modularised system can be pre-fabricated off-site.


Suitable for everything from stormwater attenuation to flood water alleviation and sewerage applications, Ridgistorm-XL is the ideal pipe for Middle East construction projects

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RIDGISTORMx4 1000 Heavy Traffic Technical Details

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RIDGISTORMx4 1000 Roof Technical Details

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RIDGISTORMx4 1000 Traffic Technical Details

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