How to Support Public Health in the Built Environment

Sunday 17th January 2021

Adam Smith, Managing Director at Polypipe Middle East says, “The profound role of drainage in optimising the spaces we occupy cannot be overlooked. It is critical to life in a building.”


What many people do not realise is that drainage is a key component of creating buildings that truly support health and wellbeing. A safe and strong drainage system is, in fact, vital to creating healthy spaces which are built to last.


With the onset of the global pandemic, the connection between human health and the spaces in which we live, work and play, has become more important than ever before. This connection is what is encouraging innovative transformations in the construction and manufacturing industry towards solutions that enhance health, wellbeing and sustainability.



Why is safe and sustainable drainage so important?


Selecting poor drainage systems is where the danger really lies. Low quality drainage can cause toxic gases to enter buildings through blocked vents, dry taps or damage drain lines. They can cause foul smells and disturbing noises that are not just inconvenient, but harmful to human health, deteriorating indoor air quality to potentially:

  • Decrease quality of life for occupants
  • Cause health risks
  • Increase liability for building owners
  • Reduce resale value


The right drainage systems should go unnoticed, helping to support safe and comfortable living by eliminating the risk of failure.


Furthermore, research has shown that the spread of infectious diseases, like COVID-19 or SARS is directly linked to poor drainage, highlighting the fact that there is absolutely no room for risk.



The Polypipe Approach


As COVID-19 persists, our dedication to supporting public health in our communities continues to grow. Drainage is much more than just pipes. It is an important tool in supporting Public Health, which plays a role in shaping the future of our communities.


Our goal is to focus on the creation of zero-risk environments, where drainage is used to safeguard human health and wellbeing.


We believe that compromising on drainage is just not an option. You wouldn’t compromise on fire safety or emergency lighting in your building, so why should you compromise on drainage?


Unfortunately, the focus for many people in the construction and development industry remains on price rather than on people’s health. However, through a thoughtful 360-degree approach that starts from planning and design through to installation, operation and maintenance of safer, more sustainable solutions, we want to change the game.



Changing the game with Terrain FUZE, manufactured from HDPE


This is where HDPE comes in. Polypipe Middle East has recently launched Terrain FUZE into the Middle Eastern market.


Delivering the best of British engineering, and designed to support to creation of modern spaces, Terrain FUZE is manufactured from specialty HDPE material, which allows for many of the social, economic and environmental benefits we seek.


High density polyethlene (HDPE) can transform the drainage game, it is:


Strong: The increased strength of HDPE makes Terrain FUZE a durable solution, less susceptible to breaks and leaks that cause drainage failures.


Flexible and Versatile: HDPE allows for flexibility in the design process. For example, the solution offers diverse jointing methods, including electro fusion welding, for maximum joint integrity to ensure Terrain FUZE offers leak proof connections.


Lightweight: HDPE is ideal for off-site prefabrication and can be installed quickly and efficiently so that Terrain FUZE can deliver direct resource-saving benefits on transportation and labour costs.


Resistant to high temperatures: HDPE is manufactured to last in hot climates, making Terrain FUZE an ideal choice for the Middle Eastern region.


Resistant to chemical corrosion: HDPE is ideal for spaces where chemical waste is produced, such as hospitals or kitchen, which makes Terrain FUZE especially impactful in spaces where a zero-risk approach is necessary.


Recyclable: Engineered from recyclable materials, the use of HDPE makes Terrain FUZE have a lower ecological impact compared to traditional materials.



Looking to the future


With the launch of Terrain FUZE, we hope to continue to foster sustainable solutions that support health and wellbeing.


Terrain FUZE is just one solution that can ensure superior health and safety, with the capability to work cohesively with Terrain’s full range of hybrid solutions, including a new solution to launch early in the new year.


With it comes to Public Health, these systems play an integral role in maintaining safety in our spaces, even acting as a barrier against viruses and pathogens entering our spaces.


As we move forward into the new year, we are proud to continue to deliver game changing systems, using regional expertise and world class engineering to keep health and safety at the heart of everything we do.


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