Water management solutions for education institutions

Polypipe has a wealth of experience in helping create and maintain environments for students and teachers alike through our water management solutions, with projects like the College of Media and Communication in Education City, Doha. 


The recent surge in development in the Middle East isn’t all about infrastructure. Education is viewed as one of the most important pillars of the region, and as many countries are working towards becoming knowledge-based economies, schools, universities and other facilities are being developing at a rapid pace.


Our technical experts will work hand in hand with the site team to provide a tailored, fit-for-purpose solution to ensure that buildings – and those studying within them – get the protection they deserve.


Our Educational Establishment Solutions Include:


For more information, contact us Dubai: + 971 (0) 4 807 3000, Qatar: + 974 0) 4 452 8394 Email: middleeast@polypipe.com or click the contact us button below.
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Polystorm Infiltration/Soakaway Guide

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Polystorm Detention Guide

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Polystorm Attenuation Guide

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Terrain Underground Drainage Systems

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Terrain Hydromax Siphonic Drainage Systems

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Terrain Above Ground Drainage System

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