Water management solutions for hotels & leisure

Polypipe has an unrivalled history across the Middle East of manufacturing, advising on and supplying water management systems that can perform in such a high-use, high-turnover commercial environment. Our extensive product range helps manage high water demand, consumption and drainage through capture and re-use, and our in-depth industry knowledge ensures compliance with all local building regulations.


Of all the symbols of the Middle East’s astonishing rise and regeneration, there are none more iconic than the buildings of the hotel and leisure sector. These gigantic buildings require a superior level of expertise and product quality when trying to ensure long-term reliability and performance, and that’s where our engineered systems come in.


Our Hotel & Leisure Solutions Include:


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Polystorm Infiltration/Soakaway Guide

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Polystorm Detention Guide

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Polystorm Attenuation Guide

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Terrain Underground Drainage Systems

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Terrain Hydromax Siphonic Drainage Systems

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Terrain Above Ground Drainage System

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