Above Ground Drainage

As well as designing and manufacturing one of the widest ranges of plastic piping products, Polypipe’s unrivalled expertise provides a wide range of value engineered solutions to help meet the demanding above ground drainage needs of the region’s construction industry. 

Below Ground Drainage

We offer a highly accredited range of robust pipe solutions for the safe and effective transport of water.

Drainage Ventilation

As water descends down the single stack drainage system, it creates a negative pressure that if interrupted, or is approaching a change of direction, causes the negative pressure to change to a positive pressure which then travels back up the pipe.

Roof Drainage

Green roofs are vegetated roof covers where plants take the place of more conventional roofing materials. In a region suffering from both water shortage and severe storm events, green roofs are becoming increasingly popular in cities in the Middle East for their ability to retain stormwater and reduce the volume of stormwater entering drainage systems.