Below Ground Drainage

We offer a highly accredited range of robust pipe solutions for the safe and effective transport of water.

Using the latest plastics manufacturing technology to satisfy the requirements of today’s installers, Polypipe’s below ground drainage range offers both rigid and foam core pipes, lighter weight alternatives to clay gullies and sewerage systems, both manholes and flow control chambers, and a comprehensive range of fittings to suit all applications

Terrain Below Ground Drainage
Suitable for commercial, industrial, housing and public sector developments, our comprehensive range of Terrain Below Ground drainage products are specifically designed to meet building underground drainage regulations in the Middle East.   Using the latest plastics manufacturing technolo
Ridgigully is a lighter, higher quality and easier to both handle and install underground drainage alternative to heavy concrete and clay gullies. Manufactured in durable HDPE in 3 sizes, this innovative gully system is ideally suited for below ground drainage projects in the Middle East region as i
Ridgidrain is the complete solution for non-pressurised surface and sub-surface underground drainage applications. It is also highly versatile, and is suitable for use in highway, rail and airport infrastructure, non-pressure and sub-surface below ground drainage, agriculture, sports, leisure and ed
Durable, reliable and long-lasting, Ridgistorm-XL is one of the most adaptable large diameter underground drainage piping solutions in the Middle East. Even considering its huge size, Ridgistorm-XL is much lighter than concrete equivalents. The pipe's structured wall design makes it durable and reli
Ridgisewer is a range of durable, chemical and sewer gas resistant pipes for new and replacement gravity sewer pipe systems. It gives design engineers in the Middle East the widest possible product choice for the best possible below ground sewer pipe solution. Available in four sizes from 400mm to 6
Polysewer is a range of PVC-u structured wall pipes and pipe fittings for use in gravity sewers. Providing durable, chemical and sewer gas resistant pipes for new and replacement gravity sewerage pipe systems, the range gives design engineers the widest possible product choice for the best possible
Manholes and Catchpits
With the challenging conditions facing water management in the Middle East, it is critically important for man access solutions to be built into certain systems so engineers can ensure schemes are running at peak efficiency, offering easy inspection and maintenance in a durable, one-piece unit. &
Silt Traps
Silt traps isolate grit, silt and impurities in surface water, so that it enters the Polystorm tank water management system as free from debris as possible - particularly important in the sandy and dusty conditions typical of the Middle East.   This saves time and money over the lifetime
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