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The creation of expansive green spaces is a particular challenge in Middle Eastern conditions. With rapid urbanisation and population growth, space and water have become even more limited in the local environment. Landscape architects and engineers now need to look to more sustainable ways of managing the flow, storage and use of stormwater as part of their design. 


The introduction of Sustainable urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) in urban areas allows landscape architects and engineers to design multi-functional yet sustainable green spaces.


Polypipe’s unrivalled expertise in detention, attenuation, infiltration and stormwater solutions comes from years of experience and the development of our Permavoid and Polystorm engineered water management solutions.  


Our attenuation systems enable stormwater to be collected and conserved at the site in underground modular tanks to re-use for irrigation in sprinkler or other distribution systems. Additionally, our infiltration systems using permeable geotextiles can turn a sudden storm into passive irrigation, providing a gradual, controlled supply of water for plants.

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