Green Roofs

Green roofs are vegetated roof covers where plants take the place of more conventional roofing materials. In a region suffering from both water shortage and severe storm events, green roofs are becoming increasingly popular in cities in the Middle East for their ability to retain stormwater and reduce the volume of stormwater entering drainage systems.  


The capture of stormwater at source and subsequent control of surface water run-off is integral to the Sustainable urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) philosophy. 


Polypipe’s innovative range of water management systems offers effective water storage and flow control solutions for both impermeable and permeable surfaces, such as green roofs applications. Our podium decking and geocellular modular systems, including Polystorm and Permavoid, are able to sit beneath the vegetation layer and provide attenuation, detention or drainage as necessary. As well as easily integrating into an overall SuDS strategy, our water management solutions can also help structural engineers with roof loading capacity, live weight load calculations and budget concerns.


Our specialist solutions include:


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