Intelligently-Engineered Systems

Polypipe provides an extensive range of engineered plastic products and systems, including above ground drainage and rainwater systems, below ground drainage, plumbing and pressure systems and water management solutions.


From innovative drainage systems in some of the world’s tallest buildings to the preservation and management of the region’s water as a precious commodity, our unrivalled choice of plastic piping systems and geocellular solutions are suitable for a wide range of both commercial and domestic applications.


Developed to meet the needs of the region’s construction industry, our products are much lighter and robust than traditional legacy materials. As well as reducing emissions (and costs) in transport, installation and use, this makes them both durable and enduring, ensuring long-lasting lifetime performance.

  • Above Ground Drainage & Rainwater Systems

    Our extensive range of pipes, fittings and systems represents the industry benchmark for quality, versatility and product innovation, and can accommodate all regulations and client demands.

  • Plumbing & Pressure Systems

    Superior to heavier, traditional legacy materials, our systems not only meet the needs of installers in the Middle East but also integrate seamlessly with existing water supply and distribution systems.

  • Water Management Systems

    Our range of systems offer the ability to capture, store, manage and re-use water across the built environment, as well also geocellular structural tanks for stormwater attenuation, detention and infiltration.

  • Below Ground Drainage Systems

    Including pipes, fittings, gullies, sewerage systems, manholes and flow control chambers, our comprehensive product range offers installers and designers a greater choice in meeting project requirements.

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