The fast and permanent plumbing system


With an extensive history of plumbing installations across the Middle East, Polyplumb is our incredibly quick and simple-to-install plumbing system that offers true reliability. Tried and tested over 30 years, Polyplumb is an integrated flexible plumbing system that incorporates grey polybutylene pipes and a complementary range of push fit fittings with a permanent jointing technique.


Polyplumb fittings feature a one-step jointing process and a high performance stainless steel grab ring within the fitting, ensuring superb joint integrity. A highly reliable plumbing system that offers significant benefits to both designers and installers, Polyplumb is the ultimate solution for hot and cold water supply and distribution.


Key benefits: 


  • Time efficient, no nonsense once step joint process 
  • High performance stainless steel grab ring ensures superior joint integrity 
  • Demountable only by disassembling, reducing potential for tampering
  • The original Polypipe push fit plumbing system used and relied on by customers throughout the world 


We have developed a range of plastic plumbing systems to provide the most suitable solution for every project and budget.

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