Storm Water Management

The Polystorm range of geocellular water management systems is suitable for use beneath both trafficked and non-trafficked surfaces for surface water management in the Middle East.

It is ideal for building large attenuation, detention and infiltration/soakaway structures due to its high strength and modular nature, and the extensive range of modular cell products that we offer allows you to select exactly the right solution for your specific project.

Polystorm - Geocellular Water Management System
Polystorm is an efficient and versatile geocellular water management system for  Sustainable urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) compliant attenuation, detention or infiltration/soakaway. Designed for use in lightly trafficked and loaded applications, Polystorm geocelluar cells have a load bearing ca
Polystorm Xtra - Geocellular Water Management System
Polystorm Xtra is a geocellular water management system designed to provide surface water retention, surface water attenuation or surface water infiltration as a soakaway solution at deeper burial depths and heavily trafficked applications with a load bearing capacity of 80 tonnes/m². It is an inno
Polystorm Inspect - Water Management System
The Polystorm Inspect cell is a complementary installation to the Polystorm range of modular cell water management systems. Its primary purpose is to provide a tunnel along the length of a fully installed Polystorm structure to enable access for inspection and maintenance, a key design factor for wa
Polystorm Access - Water Management System
Polystorm Access consists of a 500mm diameter shaft that extends from surface level to the top of a Polystorm geocellular structure.   It provides an access shaft within existing Polystorm structures such as Polystorm, Polystorm Lite and Polystorm Xtra, and enables surface access for remo
Geotextile can be used to wrap geocellular tanks or to line aggregate layers and can significantly enhance the water treatment aspect of the water management system and is especially beneficial in infiltration or soakaway applications; particularly in proximity to sensitive aquifers or source protec
Geomembranes are impermeable liners used in water management systems to form watertight tanks for the retention of surface water and are especially beneficial in infiltration or soakaway applications. The membrane used depends on a risk assessment of the site and the ground and groundwater condition