Effast PVCu

Effast from Polypipe is a well-established brand of pressure pipe systems recognised throughout the industrial process system and construction industries in the Middle East. With a market-leading range of thermoplastic pipework systems, Effast pipes and fittings are extremely versatile and thus suitable for many industrial applications.


High chemical resistance and good flow characteristics make PVCu the most widely used plastic material for pipe installations and industrial applications. Effast PVCu’s excellent chemical resistance make it especially well-suited for use in industrial processing and for water treatment and chemical dosing. Whilst its rigid construction makes it the product of choice for swimming pools and spas.


Key benefits: 


  • Operating temperature 0°C to 60°C
  • Comprehensive range of ball, diaphragm, butterfly and check valves available
  • Installed with solvent cement or mechanical installation
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Installed with solvent cement or mechanical joints
  • Suitable for mains water in high-rise applications


We have developed Effast’s comprehensive product portfolio to offer a proven and effective pressure pipe solution for every requirement.

If you’re looking for a thermoplastic pipework system for use in the food and beverage processing, water supply or water treatment, try our Effast ABS pipe system

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