Water Management Solutions for High-Rise Buildings

With more than 60 years of experience in the Middle East, we understand the challenges of supplying and managing water in high-rise buildings. Our engineered end-to-end solutions are proven to perform and are backed by our expert technical team.


Our work supports Green Urban Infrastructure and the Middle East Government’s vision, which focuses on sustainable environment and infrastructure. With the cause for resilient cities a worldwide initiative, intelligent water management solutions – whether engineered SuDS or Green Roof applications – are more important than ever to ensure a more sustainable future for our cities and urban spaces.


The Middle East is renowned for its high-rise and super high-rise buildings. Constructing buildings this high brings a number of challenges, one major one being the supply and management of water. From residential towers and office spaces, to hotels and mixed-use developments – the taller the building, the higher the water pressure in places, and the greater the need for specially designed, durable water supply and plumbing systems.


We understand that each building has its own challenges, often in terms of complex architecture, and requires specific, tailored water management solutions.


As experts in super-high-rise drainage, we offer turn-key drainage solutions that can cope with the extensive requirements of high-rise projects in the Middle East and eliminate the common risks associated with them, such as unpleasant odours, and environmental and public health issues.



Our high-rise solutions include:

Above Ground Drainage Systems

Drainage Ventilation Systems

Roof Drainage

Water Services


Below Ground Drainage Systems


Our drainage systems and solutions have been designed to deal with high peak demands of water and wastewater, both internally and externally within tall and high-rise commercial buildings. Our Terrain drainage systems offer technical peace of mind for high-rise office and commercial spaces, in conjunction with innovative water supply products and water management solutions for urban spaces.


Featured Projects

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Waldorf Astoria Doha West Bay


Polypipe Middle East Plumbing & Drainage offer a comprehensive range of soil and waste systems. Available with a variety of jointing methods, Polypipe products are engineered to meet Middle East standards and are designed for use on commercial projects as well as housing developments. Click here to learn more about Soil Stack Design.


The best advice is to involve our technical team at an early stage to be sure of finding the most appropriate and cost effective solution.


Get in touch to find out how we can help your project.

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